Be Seen. You’re in it to Win it.


Are you an artist or a student and don’t have a ton of cash, but need to showcase your talent? Is the techie stuff not your thing and just want someone to take your work and create an engaging portfolio?

You’re in luck! See Me Portfolios will build you a professional-looking, clean and simple site to showcase your talent. For a reasonable, flat rate your site will be built for you and hosted for an entire year with no hidden fees.

Applying to college theater programs? Increase your odds of getting in by making sure you give the program directors ample opportunity to see your work. After your audition, perhaps they want to see more. With your web site on your resume, your time to shine is 24/7.

They can log on and see more of your talent. You can stay fresh in their minds longer than just the audition room.

See Me Portfolios has experience in the college audition process. We’ve gone through it ourselves and with others. And we’re in touch with the experts in the college theater audition field. We can put together a portfolio site that makes you look like the star you are, to help you get into the program that will help propel you into your future.

We keep costs as low as we can because we understand the expense of college applications, audition coaching and audition travel. And we understand what it is to be a “starving artist.”

Whether you’re a student or a professional, we’re here to help you get your talent showcased online so you can focus on the important stuff… being the amazing artist that you are.

Contact us  for current time frames, questions and to get started.